January 5, 2023

I welcome you to imagine a school where this chart drives all decisions. 

Imagine a world where we don't hear things like "What does the data from the test scores tell us?"

Imagine a school where we don't hear, "You can't do that because {blank} says you can't."

Imagine a classroom where we don't hear, "We have to learn this because you need it for next year's class."

Imagine a school where we actually want our kids to be creative. 

How would you build that school?  What is the first thing you would do?

I would love to hear where you would start.

About the author 

Tom Butler, Ph.D.

I believe that public education is for the public good and that education should be uncompromisingly learner-centered. The New Learning Ecosystem points us away from the old model of education that does not serve kids well. All educators regardless of where they work can help lead and contribute to the New Learning Ecosystem.

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