Tom Butler

School Leadership: Learner-Centered Leadership In Times Of Crisis

“ A learner-centered leader mindset is the first step in transforming education.”

  • Stay True To Your Learners: learn how The New Learning Ecosystem helps you become uncompromisingly learner-centered.
  • Stay True To Yourself: learn how to create a learner-centered leadership philosophy that will transform you (and your school).
  • Stay True To Your Staff: learn strategies that will help propel your staff to support your learner-centered vision.

In this book you will discover:

The Ultimate Guide To Become A Learner-Centered Leader

Learn through a story of school leaders facing the challenge of staying learner-centered.

Stay True To Yourself

Aligning your personal, school, and learner-centered goals can be accomplished with a simple to follow plan

Stay True To Learners

The New learning Ecosystem provides a framework to guide a learner-centered school system

Stay True To Your Staff

The most important thing that happens in school is when the teacher shuts the door to facilitate learning. Learn to tap into their potential to reach your learner-centered goals.

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