3 Actions To Prevent Being Leadershipped Out

What does it mean to be “leadershipped out”? Here are some signs that you might be suffering from this condition:

  1. Do you know that feeling that you are on the cusp of being overwhelmed? That’s leadershipped out.
  2. When you are in a meeting and the topic is something that usually gets you charged up, but you feel apathetic about it…then you are leadershipped out.
  3. In the world of school leadership, when you start to consider making the “easy” decision that will cause the fewest amount of drama (i.e., doing something for adult convenience), then you are close to being leadershipped out.

Three actions you can take prevent yourself from being leadershipped out.

  1. Go outside. Being confined to an office, or even a building, for too long can be limiting. You only see the problems and issues right in front of you. In addition, you are always “on” and ready to answer questions, solve problems, etc. Going outside for a walk, or to simply sit on a bench eliminates the limiting confines of a building. Your brain will appreciate the openness and the fresh air!
  2. Learn something new. Preferably learn something that has nothing to do with your job or leadership training. For example, yesterday I discussed how to prune and grow fruit trees with someone that is knowledgeable on the subject. That break away from thinking about work helped my brain decompress from leadership. Interestingly, a few hours after the conversation about fruit trees, I had a breakthrough on a work problem that I have been obsessing with for over a year.
  3. Reconnect with people. Leadership positions are isolating if you are not careful. The entire reason you are a leader is to lead people. Too often, we can get caught up in systems, policies, and problems and we forget that we are all in the business of leading people (regardless of your industry). So, today, go talk to five people and have a conversation about anything. Ask them how they are doing, how their family is holding up through the pandemic, or ask them to tell you something good that has happened in their little corner of the world in the last week.

Becoming leadershipped out is a serious problem. Recognizing the problem, and addressing it with these three easy actions, will keep you from being leadershipped out!

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