May 14, 2019

The Wrong Question:

“What do you want to become?”

A Better Question:

“Who do you want to become?”

The first question implies that you “arrive”. It also implies finality. There is a destination that tells you, and everyone who knows you, that you have “become” what you want to be…period, end of story. Once you get to your destination (I am assuming through SMART goals, planning and other efficiency tricks), there is nowhere else to go. After all, you have arrived. Maybe some people get there early in life, others later in life, but once you arrive, you are done. Imagine “arriving” early in life? Can you say existential crisis?

The second question changes your mindset. Professional accolades, money, status are not as important as you strive to become the person you want to be. Maybe money and all of the rest is a byproduct of who you want to become, but not the measuring stick for your life.

So, who do you want to become?

About the author 

Tom Butler, Ph.D.

I believe that public education is for the public good and that education should be uncompromisingly learner-centered. The New Learning Ecosystem points us away from the old model of education that does not serve kids well. All educators regardless of where they work can help lead and contribute to the New Learning Ecosystem.

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