3 P’s To Transform Schools

3 Drivers For Transforming Education Systems

One of my “go-to” newsletters is The Learn Letter by Eva Keiffenheim. As the name of the newsletter states, she is concerned with studying how people learn. In her latest issue, she shares insights that a group of learning researchers she worked with to help make sense of education. 

The research team came up with three drivers for education change: purpose, power, and practice.

I like when things can be made as simple as possible. Too often in the schooling/education world, we make things way too complicated…i.e. standardized testing and all of the BS associated with those stupid things! I can wrap my head around the 3 P’s.

Just take a moment and look at the actions associated with each “P”. I bet you can go and do all of these actions in an organized, methodical way within the next six months. As a matter of fact, you SHOULD get a group of your staff and/or colleagues together and discuss these actions. Let me know if you would be interested in discussing these with me and some of our learner-centered leader community members.

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