6 Essential Items Of A Grand Strategy For Your School

This post was inspired by the Not So Boring Newsletter that is linked below. Although the newsletter is not about education, I adapted some of the content for the education sphere. Have you seen something like this happen (or has this happened to you)?  You get a great idea that would be the best thing that ever happened to schooling…

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Japan's HTV-5 cargo craft is illuminated with the Nile river below

Become A Tribe Of One

Your purpose lies beyond your work. It is the reason you think you exist. Most leaders do not take the time to really consider their purpose, or they lie to themselves about their true purpose. As a matter of fact, it is easy to put words on a piece of paper claiming your purpose is “to help learners learn” or…

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smartphone pen calendar and eyeglasses on flat surface

Crypto Wallet

I know I promised a simple explanation of two things in last week’s blog: a crypto digital wallet and a SMART contract. Well, things get messy sometimes. The more I research a SMART contract, the harder it is for me to come up with an easy explanation. So, I need another week to continue down the rabbit hole of SMART…

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A 1-614,000,000 Chance

I was thinking of statistics the other day. Here is something that I find interesting. The chance of a student being shot to death in the United States in a school shooting is 1-614,000,000 (based on data from 2018). For context, the chance of winning the Powerball lottery is 1-292,000,000 And yet…We spend millions of dollars on school resource officers…Because…

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This Is The Best Day Of My Life

When I was a teacher, a group of my teacher friends and I organized 2 field trips a year for our 7th and 8th graders. Every Fall we would take a day trip to New York City. In the Spring we would rotate destinations between Washington DC, Baltimore, and Boston. We raised money for the trips and it was a…

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The Crisis Leadership Matrix

I have a weekly newsletter called “The Learner-Centered Leader.” The newsletter is published every Monday morning at 7:00AM and shares leadership advice and inspiration for learner-centered leaders. You can subscribe to the newsletter here. This blog post is an example of the content in the newsletter. “Too often, leaders attempt to change how their teams and organizations act without changing…

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The #1 Characteristic Leaders Share

Here is something to think about. In all of my experience and all of my reading on leadership, 1 characteristic stands out for leaders who get things done. Want to know what it is? It’s is simple to understand, but difficult to implement. Great leaders adapt strategy to meet the specific context of their situation. Go be awesome!

3 Actions To Prevent Being Leadershipped Out

What does it mean to be “leadershipped out”? Here are some signs that you might be suffering from this condition: Do you know that feeling that you are on the cusp of being overwhelmed? That’s leadershipped out. When you are in a meeting and the topic is something that usually gets you charged up, but you feel apathetic about it…then…

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Do Something Now! (A Rant)

Here are some comments I hear all of the time from teachers, principals, superintendents, and anyone else that aspires to be learner-centered. “Where do I start?” “There is too much to do.” “How do I not get overwhelmed?” Let’s get something off the table right now…these are not excuses! I believe these are all valid concerns that are impacting people…

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