Free Sample: School Leadership Learner-Centered Leadership In Times Of Crisis

An easy to read book that tells a story of a school leadership team overcoming the challenges faced when you are creating a learner-centered culture in school.
  • Stay True To Your Learners: learn how the New Learning Ecosystem grounds the work of a learner-centered leader.
  • Stay True To Yourself: discover how your personal leadership, school, and career goals intersect to form the basis for learner-centered change in your school. 
  • Stay True To Your Staff: simple, step-by-step process to unlock the potential of your staff.

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What People Are Saying

Tom Rooney

Superintendent LindsayUnified School District

Any leader who is serious about real educational equity should embrace Tom’s framework for how leaders can create systems of empowerment that are radically learner-centered and sustainable…systems that will survive and thrive no matter how big the crisis!

Dr. Jerry Johnson

Chair and Professor, Department of Educational Leadership, Lydia E. Skeen Endowed Chair in Education, College of Education, Kansas State University

The result is an eminently readable book that reflects an understanding of sound leadership theory and practice and presents its content in a personal and direct way that will engage and inform in equal measure.

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